The WonderSwan was a line of handheld game consoles produced in Japan by Bandai. It was developed by Gunpei Yokoi's company Koto and Bandai. The WonderSwan was made to compete with the Neo Geo Pocket Color and the market leader Nintendo's Game Boy Color (even though the developer for the WonderSwan, Gunpei Yokoi, developed the original Nintendo Game Boy). The original WonderSwan was later replaced by the WonderSwan Color; although some WonderSwan Color games are compatible with the original WonderSwan, many are designed exclusively for the WonderSwan Color and show a message such as "This cartridge is for WonderSwan Color only" when run on the original WonderSwan. The WonderSwan is playable both vertically and horizontally, and feature a fairly large library of games, including numerous first-party titles based on licensed anime properties, with significant third-party support from Square and Capcom. As it was a console designed essentially for the Japanese market, most of the games are in Japanese, with only a few featuring English text.

Manufacturer: Bandai

Developer: Bandai

CPU: 16-bit NEC V30 MZ processor at 3.072 MHz

Memory: Built-in EEPROM and 1Kbit RAM for backing up game data

Sound: Four digital audio channels, each of which can play sequences of up to 32 4-bit samples, at different volumes and frequencies.

Display: 224 x 144

Max Controllers: 1