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Platform: Sony Playstation 4

Region: PAL

Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Developer(s): Bluepoint Games

Publishers(s): Sony Computer Entertainment

ReleaseDate: 2015-10-07

Players: 1

Co-op: No

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is a 2015 remaster of the first three games in the Uncharted series, developed by Bluepoint Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released for the PlayStation 4 on October 7, 2015. The three games follow treasure hunter Nathan Drake as he travels across the world to uncover various historical mysteries. The three games were originally developed by Naughty Dog for the PlayStation 3. The collection received generally positive reviews from critics who deemed it a worthy remaster of the original trilogy, though the omission of multiplayer and lack of additional content received some criticism.

ESRB Rating: Not Rated

Genre(s): Action | Adventure

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