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Platform: Sony Playstation 4

Region: NTSC-U

Country: United States of America

Developer(s): Dennaton Games

Publishers(s): Devolver Digital

ReleaseDate: 2021-07-16

Players: 1

Co-op: No

Hotline Miami & Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Also know as: Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number

HOTLINE MIAMI is a high-octane action game overflowing with raw brutality, hard-boiled gun play and skull-crushing close combat. Set in an alternative 1989 Miami, you will assume the role of a mysterious antihero on a murderous rampage against the shady underworld at the behest of voices on your answering machine. Soon you'll find yourself struggling to get a grip of what is going on and why you are prone to these acts of violence. HOTLINE MIAMI 2: WRONG NUMBER is the brutal conclusion to the saga, set against a backdrop of escalating violence and retribution over spilled blood in the original game. Follow the paths of several distinct factions — each with their own questionable methods and uncertain motivations — as unforeseen consequences intersect and reality once again slips back into a brilliant haze of neon and bloodshed. UPC / Barcode: 812303015731

ESRB Rating: M - Mature 17+

Genre(s): Action | Shooter

UID(s): CUSA-00486 | CUSA-00368

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