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Platform: Sega Dreamcast

Region: NTSC-J

Country: Japan

Developer(s): Studio Wonder Effect

Publishers(s): Studio Wonder Effect

ReleaseDate: 2001-03-15

Players: 2

Co-op: No

Battle Beaster

Also know as: バトルビースター

Battle Beaster (バトルビースター) is a Action video game published by Studio Wonder Effect released on March 15th, 2001 for the SEGA Dreamcast. A ‘Battle Beast simulation’, Battle Beaster utilises the microphone as you, erm, battle beasts. It does sound a bit generic, and indeed, it is. You pick a variety of beasts, train them up and do battle, with the microphone utilised to shout instructions/encouragement to your charges. Unsurprisingly everything here is in Japanese, and there’s plenty of text to deal with too, meaning you’re going to want to read up on your language skills to play the game. It’s possibly the most generic title ever, and the game wasn’t exactly hotly received upon release. Credits: Written by Mike Phelan for The Dreamcast Junkyard.

ESRB Rating: E - Everyone

Genre(s): Strategy | Fighting

UID(s): T43801M

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