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Platform: Sony Playstation 4

Developer(s): Atlus Co., Ltd.

Publishers(s): Atlus Co., Ltd.

ReleaseDate: 2020-03-31

Players: 1

Co-op: No

Persona 5 Royal: Phantom Thieves Edition

Also know as: Persona 5 Royal

Prepare for an all-new RPG experience in Persona 5 Royal based in the universe of the award-winning series, Persona! Don the mask of Joker and join the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. Persona 5 Royal is packed with new characters, confidants, story depth, new locations to explore, and a new grappling hook mechanic for stealthy access to new areas. With a new semester at Shujin Academy, get ready to strengthen your abilities in the metaverse and in your daily life. Even for the most seasoned Phantom Thieves among us, Persona 5 Royal is a new challenge to defy conventions, discover the power within, and fight for justice..

ESRB Rating: M - Mature 17+

Genre(s): Action | Role-Playing

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