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Platform: Commodore 64

Region: Region Not Set

Publishers(s): Engine Software B.V.

ReleaseDate: 1984-01-01

Players: 1

Co-op: No

legend of knucker hole

Legend of the Knucker-Hole Starring Jet-Boot Jack is a sequel to the game Jet-Boot Jack where once again you play the role of Jack in this platformer trying to rescue a Princess. A dragon has kidnapped the King's only daughter and so you must traverse downwards in the Dragon's home, a Knucker-Hole and attempt to kill the dragon and lead the princess to safety. The screen is made up of four levels of platforms and you must remove the monsters from the gaps to move down a level which then moves the levels upwards to keep showing four levels of platforms. To remove the monsters from the gaps on the platforms, you must use two switches, each one on each side of the screen. Lasers and spikes are on each level and these must be avoided and if touched then you lose one of five lives, and if you try to go through a gap without removing the monsters then you also lose a life. Once the monsters are gone then you move to the next platforms until you reach the end of the level before moving to the next level. A bar at the top of the screen decreases and you must complete each level before this empties or it is game over. On the first three levels you don't have your Jet-Boots so you can only jump over gaps and obstacles. Level four also sees you without your boots but the game is now single screen and you must move around the various platforms collecting orbs while avoiding creatures and using lifts to help you move around the screen. The fifth and final level sees you on a maze of platforms and you must move around the level hitting switches and finding a route to find the dragon and kill it. You now have your Jet-Boots on but using them decreases your fuel but more can be found scattered around the level. Before you start the game you can select three skill levels (Novice, Normal and Expert) and you can select any level to start on.

ESRB Rating: E - Everyone

Genre(s): Action

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