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Platform: Sony Playstation 4

Developer(s): Eighting Co., Ltd.

Publishers(s): Bandai Namco Entertainment

ReleaseDate: 2017-12-07

Players: 4

Co-op: Yes

Kamen Rider: Climax Fighters

Also know as: 仮面ライダー クライマックス | Masked Rider: Climax Fighters

Let the survival of the fittest Rider Battle commence! Witness the Rider’s individuality go against another’s characteristics through the renewed action fighting game. Climax Fighters is a role-playing fighting game, battling inside the 3D battle arenas, and the game's playstyle has some similarities to the gameplay system from Kamen Rider: Battride War series, Gundam Vs. series, Dissidia: Final Fantasy and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. All Heisei Kamen Riders, from Kamen Rider Kuuga to the latest Kamen Rider Build assembles. One-versus-one or two-versus-two game modes available, which allows gameplay of up to maximum four players. Authentic action fighting battle first time from a back-view perspective. Flat stage evolution to leveled platform stage with realistic obstacles. It allows player to fully utilize each Rider’s characteristics in battle. First Online Battle feature in the Kamen Rider game series.

Trailer: YouTube

ESRB Rating: E10+ - Everyone 10+

Genre(s): Fighting |

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