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Platform: Sony Playstation 4


Publishers(s): Recotechnology S.L.

ReleaseDate: 2015-07-07

Co-op: No


TORO is the first bullfighting arcade video game, it will challenge your skills, reflexes and reaction time, interacting with 500 kg bulls. Your goal is to execute the moves you chose correctly, keep the bull's attention at all times, execute the highest number of combos possible (when you link several moves together) and pass the specific challenges set before you in the event. You will be able to face the bravest bulls ever digitized in the most famous bullrings in the world, and become the number one bullfighter. BACKGROUND: Before bullfighting in each ring you will be given a series of different Challenges which you have to pass to win points. By passing these challenges you will win enough Fame to be able to enter the next level of bullrings. CAREER MODE: Create your character, complete the tutorial and begin your career in the world of bullfighting. One of your main goal is to gain as much FAME as possible. Fame is the clout or prestige that you earn. The more fame you achieve, the more prestigious bullrings you can enter, the more elaborate costumes you can unlock, and the more new graphic material you can view in the galleries. QUICK GAME: Choose Bullring, Bull and Moves and play a quick round (only the content you have previously unlocked in Career Mode will be available). TRAINING: Here you can train and practice the new moves and combos you have unlocked in career mode until you are sure you can perform them skillfully. MINIGAMES : Bull runner throw: Be the bull so you can can get revenge for a change!!! Calculate the moment, the strength and the angle correctly to ram and throw him as far as possible. Obstacle Course: Be the bull and hit the obstacles you find while running through an alley. GALLERY: Discover amazing graphic material, bullfights, bullring history and extra material.

Genre(s): Action

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