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Platform: Amstrad CPC

Developer(s): Gem Software

Publishers(s): Amsoft

ReleaseDate: 1985-05-14

Co-op: No

Roland in Space

The second multi-screen mega-game to come from Gem Software exclusively for the Amstrad. If you liked "Roland In Time', then this is a must for you. All the features which we all loved so much have been included plus many more. Perhaps the most important feature to note is the inclusion of speech -although this can only be heard if an Amstrad or DKTronics speech synthesiser is attached. Don't worry though if you haven't got a speech synthesiser to hand; the excellent sound track can still be relished by the rest of us! After a while though, you might be pleased to know that this can be turned off by pressing the large [ENTER] key. The plot couldn't be simpler, Roland our intrepid hero is stranded yet again, but this time it is more serious; he is trapped in 'space'... with the daunting task of building a super-weapon. There are 7 planets to explore in all and only 10 lives in which to do it. The objective is to explore and collect as many components of the super-weapon (there are 158 components in all!) as is possible within the number of lives allowed. Simple eh?... until you realise that an indestructable helicopter is coming straight for you, and it is not possible to get out of the way! Look out for some of the novel horrors that await - like the flying apple (one of my favourites). For those of you who are expert at playing "Roland In Time' don't despair at the fact that there are only 7 planets to explore, since each planet can be 'scrolled'at will. This makes playing far more exciting and unpredictable because the 'unknown' really IS unknown, unless of course you become adept at moving Roland and scrolling the screen simultaneously. The actual size of each planet is immense and at first it is very easy to lose track of Roland's time machine (a telephone box, for those who don't know), making proceeding to another planet very difficult and frustrating when the ever present nasties seem to gang up on you. The graphics are colourful and clear (being one of Gem's special trade marks). For those lucky enough to be able to attach a speech synthesiser listen for Roland's cries for Help' and his reassuring words of 'Don't lose your head' and 'Stay cool'. There are a whole multitude of humourous phrases to listen for, including one miscellaneous phrase of 'Hello mum'..... As with "Roland In Time' there are a number of hidden escalators and stairways, which can lead to either safe retrieval of an otherwise impossible crystal or more probably an untimely death. It is only with practice and perseverance that success is achieved, but should you hesitate at a particularly tricky moment, Roland will turn his back until some instruction is given! This game must surely join the rest of the Amstrad classics, and is an absolute must for all who are Roland In Time fanatics

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