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Platform: Commodore 64

Region: Region Not Set

Publishers(s): Romik Software Ltd

ReleaseDate: 1983-05-05

Co-op: No

Dickys Diamonds

Dicky the Owl has had all his diamonds stolen by Stephen the Spider and he has hidden them. Stephen loves to look at diamonds so after building a web, he hangs one from the centre to admire it. This has given Dicky the opportunity to take them back by destroying every one of Stephen's webs that he builds and hangs a diamond on. To destroy a web, Dicky has to walk over every strand and turn it from white to black, but has to leave the centre strand till last to collect the diamond. If the web is destroyed and the centre strand was turned to black before the other strands then the diamond is lost. Collect the diamond and it is onto the next harder web to retrieve another one. The web is shown from the side with the whole web on the screen and as Dicky moves about, Stephen also moves about his web and any black strands found, he turns them back to white. If Dicky sits still for too long then Stephen thinks he is trapped and moves quickly towards him. When Dicky's path is a black strand then he has the ability to fly over it and the option for the number of flights can be limited or unlimited and chosen from a menu before the game starts. If limited is chosen then the number of flights for each web decreases as the levels increase. If Dicky is touched by Stephen or the web is destroyed without collecting the diamond then he loses one of three lives and the web has to be completed again if a life is lost. Before the game starts there are a number of options that can be changed and these include the before mentioned limited or unlimited flights, starting level (1-7), game speed (0-9), and if a 2nd spider called Cecil appears after level 7. The joystick or keyboard is used to control Dicky and the high scores can be saved

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