front cover

Platform: Commodore 64

Publishers(s): K-Tel Software

Co-op: No

Its Only Rock n Roll

Can you become a superstar? A Rock 'n' Roll idol... Or are you just another has been? You've got a lot of energy, a bit of money and a great future. But can you stay the course, stand the heartbreaking disappointments, fraud, scandal, even arrest? Can you capture the hearts and wallets of the public and become a Rock n' Roll idol? How would you start? Go busking for a month or hire a manager? OK... But do you really want to give away a fat percentage to a manager? Will he look after your interests or his own? Why not try and see if your Bank Manager is more sympathetic? No? Oh well, there was no harm in trying! Still, you could be a great song writer, give it a go. You might earn some cash. Well, that wasn't exactly a success, and you're beginning to look very tired... At this rate you won't even make a 'has been'.

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