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Platform: Commodore 64

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): Graham Axten

Publishers(s): Pond Software

ReleaseDate: 2016-12-24

Players: 1

Co-op: No

The Bear Essentials

Poor old Bear! He's just spent the summer being incredibly lazy, and ignoring all of his chores. Mrs. Bear has finally caught up with him though, and is demanding that he finds enough fruit (326 apples should do it!) for them to last the approaching Winter. He won't be allowed home until his task is complete. To add to his troubles, all of the other animals are looking for food too, so best steer clear of them! Venture out into the wild to find all of the fruit from the areas around Bear's home. Yes, even the strange glowing fruit from the abandoned mine that Bear has been itching to explore lately. Rumour has it that the mine was sealed up back in the 80's after a whole SPECTRUM of problems... What could be down there?!

Genre(s): Platform

Other Graphic(s)