front cover

Platform: Commodore 64

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): Starlight Software

Publishers(s): Starlight Software

ReleaseDate: 1987-10-01

Co-op: No

Red L.E.D.

Also know as: Battle Droidz | Red LED

Red L.E.D. was released in October 1987 and was greeted with an enthusiastic 93% Zzap64 review. Earth is running low on resources, and the cosmic interlace grid has to be connected in order to generate power. This grid consists of 37 hexagons (at least in the first level) with each hexagon representing a world. The aim of the game is to form a left-to-right link of hexagons, thus liberating these worlds. Each world is an isometric 3D landscape filled with hazards: aliens, slopes, acid lakes, waterfalls, etc. In order to free them, you have to collect a number of energy pods and then rush to the exit portal. You have 3 robots at your disposal, each having unique capabilities. One of them has a tight grip on slopes, the other is invulnerable to acid lakes, and the last one is more resistant to damage.

Genre(s): Action | Adventure

Other Graphic(s)

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