front cover

Platform: TurboGrafx 16

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): Cream

Publishers(s): Nichibutsu

ReleaseDate: 1993-05-14

Co-op: No

J. League Greatest Eleven Soccer

Also know as: Jリーグ・グレイテストイレブン

Soccer game released in 1993 for the PC Engine. J-League Greatest Eleven is a soccer game for the PC Engine published by Nichibutsu/Nihon Bussan. Despite the similar name, it has no relation to Konami's J-League Winning Eleven series. The game features the Japanese soccer league's ten teams from its inaugural 1993 season. There's an exhibition mode with support for four players and a league mode where 1 or 2 players can face off against the computer. The game also offers an option to play with four human players, but only in the exhibition mode.

Genre(s): Sports

Other Graphic(s)

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