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Platform: Commodore 64

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): Digital Design

Publishers(s): Codemasters

ReleaseDate: 1992-01-01

Players: 2

Co-op: No


It's time to join the circus that is Formula One. This is your chance to race and beat the best drivers in the world. The championship season is raced over six circuits. USA, Brazil, Britain, France, Italy and Monaco. There are another five drivers as well to compete against. You are racing for Bennetton and will compete against Ferrari, Lotus, Brabham, Mc.Laren and Williams. You have the option of racing a full season or having a practice first to hone your skills. When you choose a season you are whisked away to the first track USA. Here you have one lap to qualify for a good position on the grid. Be careful though, because one crash and it's qualifying over and you start at the back of the grid. Before the main race you can challenge another driver for his/her car. Another driver can also challenge you. The idea is to keep winning cars to get a faster car. You are driving the second slowest. If you beat them in the race you get their car. If yours is better then they get yours. One crash in the race though and it's race over. Here points are given before moving on to the next circuit. If you fancy racing against a friend then there is a two player option. Here you race against each other on one screen. You both have a number of lights. If you or your opponent disappear off the screen then a light is lost and the other driver gets the light. It's game over when one driver loses all his lights. The game is viewed from overhead showing a small part of the track. The joystick will steer the car and also brake. The fire button will accelerate. Also on the screen is your lap time, best lap time, your make of car and your speed.

Genre(s): Racing

Other Graphic(s)

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