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Platform: Nintendo DS

Region: NTSC-J

Country: Japan

Developer(s): Tose

Publishers(s): Square Enix

ReleaseDate: 2006-07-20

Players: 1

Co-op: No

Chrono Trigger [Ultimate Hits]

A re-release in much the same vein as Final Fantasy Anthologies, Final Fantasy Chronicles bundles two of Square Soft's most beloved SNES RPG titles -- Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger -- in this PlayStation release. Released late in the SNES system's lifecycle, Chrono Trigger documents the adventure of a young boy named Crono and his misadventures through time. During the Millennial Fair, Crono meets and quickly befriends a woman named Marle. While visiting Crono's inventor friend Lucca however, Marle is inadvertently sent into the past and Crono and Lucca must set off after her. Dubbed the "Tech System," the game allows characters to combine elemental attacks in order to produce Double and even Triple Techs; powerful offensive and defensive techniques. New Tech skills can be learned as the character increases in level. Unlike Final Fantasy IV, battles in Chrono Trigger are not initiated at random, allowing players to avoid enemies (who are in plain sight) as they see fit. New animated cutscenes have been included as part of the update, as well as an Extras Mode that houses any additional extras unlocked by attaining one of the game's twelve different endings. A Theater, Music Box, Art Gallery, and Bestiary are just some of the options available, allowing players to view unlocked movie and ending sequences, listen to music from the game, view stills of the main characters, and read up on monsters, bosses, and techniques. Features: * Features two of Squaresoft's best loved RPG titles: Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger * Added extras such as FMV and animated cutscenes have been included for each title * Unlock hidden extras such as ending cinemas, music tracks, character listings and more Chrono Trigger was released only in the United States as part of the compilation called Final Fantasy Chronicles. Another classic from the day! Chrono Trigger came out a few years after FF4, so it’s graphics are a lot better. Some of the spell effects even attempt to put a little 3D into the game. Akira Toriyama, of Dragonball Z fame did the character designs. Mostly all the enemies animate and walk around freely during battle, so it’s a little more interesting than FFs British soldier approach. The sound effects are a bit off from the original but not enough for me to really complain about. The music is also slightly off compared to the original, but not as much as another remake (FF6 again…grr). The soundtrack is an awesome work by Yasunori Mitsuda (Xenogears and Chrono Cross). Nobuo Uematsu also worked on a few of the tracks. In Chrono Trigger, Chrono must follow princess Marle's teleportation through time and locate her before an intergalactic parasite arrives to destroy the world. The original game, also on the PlayStation for the first time, was one of the first nonlinear role-playing games. The decisions that players make during the game will point them toward one of more than a dozen possible endings. This new versions retain the authentic Japanese SNES stories and characters while updating their graphics and adding new full-motion video sequences and other features. * New full-motion video sequences * Authentic story and characters * Assorted new features * For 1 player

Trailer: YouTube

ESRB Rating: Not Rated

Genre(s): Role-Playing

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