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Platform: Game Wave

Region: Other

Country: Canada

ReleaseDate: 2007-01-01

Players: 4

Co-op: No


Gemz is a match-three puzzle games with gems, similar to Bejeweled. It is played on a board filled with jewels of different colours. The goal is to make gems disappear by arranging gems of the same shape and colour in lines of three or more, horizontally or vertically. This is done by switching a gem with an adjacent one. When a line is formed, the gems disappear from the board, points are awarded, and the board is filled up again from the top with new gems. This often leads to a quick succession of combos. The player can freely move around the cursor using the arrows on the remote. By pressing "Select", a gem is grabbed and it can be swapped with the one above, below or on either side. If no line can be formed, the gems return to their original position. If it takes to long to form a line, a gem that can be used for a set will start to spin. In the singleplayer Classic Gemz mode, the player races against the clock to go through different levels and get the highest score possible. To advance, a certain numbers of gems need to be collected (shown on the left side of the screen) before time runs out. With each new level, the amount of gems that needs to be collected increases and often less time becomes available. In the Free-For-All mode up to four players can compete against each other on a single screen and a single board. Using four remotes, players can only grab gems of one type (shown next to the player's name on the left side of the screen) and they can all move and select simultaneously on the board. Lines of any type of gem can be formed, but only by manipulating a single, specific type of gem. If no further moves seem to be possible or a player becomes tired of waiting for an opportunity to make a move, the target gem can be swapped with the A button. This costs time and points. Two cursors cannot pass over each other. When they collide, one of them needs to move out of the way. The top ten scores are saved to the system's memory and they are shown after each game.

ESRB Rating: Not Rated

Genre(s): Puzzle

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