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Platform: PC

Region: Other

ReleaseDate: 2021-07-17

Players: 1

Co-op: No

War Mines: WWI

Play a true minesweeper in an entirely new way! The classic minesweeper game reinvented in a way you've never seen before! Experience the Great War (World War 1) Advance into the story of WWI by solving puzzles based on minesweeper mechanics. Clear the grounds and help Allies Clear minefields in a variety of different scenarios and guide soldiers to victory! Help Build the Infrastructure of War Help clear the ground to build medical camps, airstrips for fighter planes, and more. Break your record time on each stage! You will be able to play each stage of the game separately to beat your time record. The traditional minesweeper mechanics here have been adapted to bring in some challenging variations. Throughout the game, you will find simpler and more complex levels. We tried to vary the "RNG" (Random Number Generator) to bring a little of luck (very little) to some specific steps to generate more fun. For players who don't like to rely on luck, we've added a "hint button" feature that shows the location of a mine in the scenario :) If you like puzzles and minesweeper, World War I stories, and are looking for simple, minimalist fun, this is your game. Featuring: 30+ minesweeper puzzles to complete. Beat your record time in each stage.

ESRB Rating: E - Everyone

Genre(s): Puzzle | Strategy

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