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Platform: Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): Source

Publishers(s): Firebird Software Ltd. | MCM Software

ReleaseDate: 1988-01-01

Players: 1

Co-op: No

Samurai Warrior

Also know as: The Battle of... Usagi Yojimbo

THE TIME: 17th century. THE PLACE: Feudal Japan. THE CONFLICT: The land is rife with civil war as the great warlords of Japan battle with each other for control of the Shogunate, and control of Japan itself. THE HERO: Usagi Yojimbo is the warrior who must oppose the dark forces, a lone Ronin Rabbit of great skill and endurance. SAMURAI WARRIOR is a game of combat, subtlety and manners! - Develop your swordplay skills against deadly Ninia fighters and crafty bandits. - Fend off surprise attacks from hidden killers. - Meet a host of colourful characters and discover if they will help or oppose you. - Follow the way of BUSHIDO, the way of the warrior, and be polite, otherwise you can lose karma and make fierce enemies of potential allies. - Roam far and wide over the exquisite and detailed graphic landscapes. INSTRUCTIONS It is seventeenth century Japan. The shogun’s power is slow to spread across the land, and noblemen battle with one another for land and power. Through these troubled lands walks a ronin rabbit, Myamoto Usagi - known to most as Usagi Yojimbo. Usagi’s task is to rescue Lord Noriyuki, his old friend, from the evil Lord Hikiji. Usagi will have to choose from many different paths along the way. Some lead to inns, where food and information may be obtained. Food restores his strength, but costs money. Other paths lead Usagi into perilous battles against ninjas, bounty hunters and other hostile creatures. LOADING ON SPECTRUM Tape To load on a Spectrum: Place the tape in the tape recorder and make sure that the tape is fully rewound. Type LOAD”” and then press <ENTER> . Press Play on tape. If the game is loaded into a machine with 128K of RAM the program will detect this and utilise the extra hardware. Disc Insert disc in drive and press <ENTER> on the “LOADER” option. LOADING ON AMSTRAD Tape Place the tape in the tape recorder and make sure that the tape is fully rewound. Hold down the <CTRL> key and press the small <ENTER> key, release both keys and press the Play on the tape. Disc Insert disc in drive and type RUN “DISC” and press <ENTER> STARTING THE GAME Spectrum When the game has finished loading, the screen will show several options/which operate as follows: 1 - Sinclair 3 - Cursor 5 - Define keys 2 - Kempston 4 - Keyboard Press fire to start. The currently selected control method will be displayed. If no key is pressed after a short while the program will enter a demonstration mode. Any key press or joystick movement will return to the main option menu. Amstrad When the game has finished loading, the screen will show several options as follows: 1 - Game/Practice 2 - Joystick/ Keyboard 3 - Start THE CONTROLS Usagi operates in two modes: 'peaceful mode' and 'fighting mode'. The current mode is indicated by the face in the upper left-hand comer of the screen. Switching between the two modes is merely a matter of drawing or sheathing your sword. Usagi’s movements are controlled as explained in the following diagrams: JOYSTICK CONTROLS PEACEFUL MODE WITHOUT FIRE WITH FIRE JUMP JUMP DRAW DRAW DRAW BACK JUMP FWD SWORD SWORD SWORD \ | / \ | / \ | / \ | / \|/ \|/ TURN ---*--- WALK PAY ---*--- PAY /|\ MONEY /|\ MONEY / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ STAND STAND STAND BOW BOW BOW FIGHTING MODE WITHOUT FIRE WITH FIRE JUMP JUMP RUN RAISE BACK JUMP FWD BACK SWORD CHARGE \ | / \ | / \ | / \ | / \|/ \|/ TURN ---*--- RUN FWD TURN ---*--- CHARGE /|\ /|\ / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ STAND STAND STAND SHEATH RAISE CHARGE SWORD SWORD KEYBOARD CONTROLS The default keys are the same for both the Amstrad and Spectrum. The Amstrad keys are not redefinable. A - Up Z - Down C - Right X - Left V - Fire P - Pause Diagonal movements can be made by combining the necessary key presses. FIGHTING Once Usagi’s sword is drawn, he is in fighting mode. There are three attacking movements: PARRY : A quick press on the fire button. SIDE-SWIPE : A slightly longer press on the fire button. OVERHEAD CUT : An even longer press on the fire button. In all cases, the sword is actually moved when the fire button is released. Try using the game’s practise mode to improve your fighting skills before play. RESPECT Usagi must obey strict rules of etiquette at all times if he is to complete his quest. Usagi should bow to persons of equal status and he must bow to persons of higher status, otherwise he will insult them deeply. Anyone who sees Usagi with his sword drawn will automatically assume that he is hostile, so keep your sword sheathed until danger threatens. Occasionally a passer-by will speak to Usagi after he bows to them. These messages can be very useful, as they give clues to later stages in the game. FINANCE Money is measured in silver coins called Ryo. As a ronin, Usagi is noteably hard up for cash. Some enemies carry money which can be taken from their corpses once they have been defeated. (This is considered dishonourable, but a ronin can’t afford to be choosy). Money can be used to obtain food. Bow to the inn-keeper, then offer him money. When the inn-keeper returns, Usagi will eat, restoring a number of lost hit-points. Money can be used for gambling. Pay the gambler some money, and you will be told whether you have won or lost. Your Ryo level will then increase or decrease accordingly. Money may also be given as alms to monks and beggars. KARMA As Usagi performs good acts, giving alms to the servants of Buddha or vanquishing enemies, he will gain KARMA. If he strikes helpless opponents, hassles small animals or kills priests, he loses karma. If Usagi’s karma ever drops to zero, overcome with shame, he will be forced to take the only honourable way out ... hara-kiri! Karma is also carried forward to future lives. CHOICES OF PATH There are several points during the game when Usagi will be given a choice of paths, or a doorway to enter. If you wish Usagi to change to the upper path, or enter a doorway, then position him beneath the entrance and move him UP while pressing the fire button. Usagi will now move off along the new path. LORD NORIYUKI Lord Noriyuki is a young panda who has just come of age as the leader of his clan. Usagi must find him, and prevent the minions of Lord Hikiji from killing him. Programming by Source the Software House Copyright 1988 Software Licensing and Marketing Ltd The character, Usagi Yojimbo, is the copyright of Stan Sakai. Published by Telecomsoft First Floor 74 New Oxford Street London WC1A IPS Firebird and Telecomsoft are trademarks of British Telecommunications Plc.

ESRB Rating: Not Rated

Genre(s): Action | Adventure

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