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Platform: Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): Ocean Software Ltd.

Publishers(s): Ocean Software Ltd.

ReleaseDate: 1990-06-04

Players: 2

Co-op: Yes

Adidas championship football

Natural and responsive player movement with the most simple of one-touch joystick control ensure exciting and authentic soccer action. Realistic close-ball control, computer aided team control and the micro's constant "flow of play" monitoring all add up to make this the easiest yet most rewarding soccer game ever devised for the home computer. TAKE ON THE WORLD! Choose your opponents from the 24 World Championship teams - each have their own styles, strengths...and idiosyncrasies! You will delight at the on-screen action, realistically flowing animation, automatic team response and the easy to follow icon-generated action choices. This game is the choice of all football players, those who love playing the game instead of wrestling with the joystick... in adidas Championshis Football YOU MAKE THE PLAY! SCENARIO Adidas Championship Football is a knockout competition between twenty four teams representing the best footballing nations of the world. Guide your team through each successive round until you reach the Final to determine the adidas Champion of the World. Super smooth scroll focuses on "centre of attention". Simple joystick control gives maximum play flexibility. Featuring team intelligence, unique profile of computer opponent skills and special presentation screens. LOADING COMMODORE Position the cassette in your Commodore recorder with the printed side upwards and make sure that it is rewound to the beginning. Ensure that all the leads are connected. Press the SHIFT key and the RUN/STOP key simultaneously. Follow the screen instruction PRESS PLAY ON TAPE. This program will then load automatically. For C128 loading type GO 64 (RETURN), then follow C64 instruction. PLEASE NOTE: This game loads in a number of parts - follow on screen instructions. DISK Select 64 mode. Turn on the disk drive, insert the program into the drive with the label facing upwards. Type LOAD "*",8,1 (RETURN) the introductory screen will appear and the program will then load automatically. AMSTRAD CPC 464 Place the rewound cassette in the deck, type RUN" and then press ENTER/RETURN key. Follow the instructions as they appear on screen. If there is a disk drive attached then type | TAPE then press ENTER/RETURN key. Then type RUN" and press ENTER/RETURN key. (The I symbol is obtained by holding shift and pressing the @ key.) CPC 664 and 6128 Connect a suitable cassette tape recorder ensuring that the correct leads are attached as defined in the User Instruction Booklet. Place the rewound tape in the cassette recorder and type | TAPE then press ENTER/RETURN key. Then type RUN" and press ENTER/RETURN key - follow the instructions as they appear on screen. DISK Insert the program disk into the drive with the A side facing upwards. Type | DISC and press ENTER/RETURN to make sure the machine can access the disk drive. Now type RUN"DISC and press ENTER/RETURN, the game will load automatically. SPECTRUM (128k only) CASSETTE 1. Place the cassette in your recorder ensuring that it is fully rewound. 2. Ensure that the MIC socket is disconnected and that the volume and tone controls are set to the appropriate levels. 3. If the computer is a Spectrum+ then load as follows: Type LOAD"" (ENTER). (Note there is no space between the quotes). The " is obtained by pressing the SYMBOL SHIFT and P keys simultaneously. 4. Press PLAY on your recorder and the game will load automatically. If you have any problems try adjusting the volume and tone controls and consulting Chapter 6 of the Spectrum manual. 5. If the computer is a Spectrum 128K then follow the loading instructions on-screen or in the accompanying manual. SPECTRUM +3 DISK Set up system and switch on as described in your instruction manual. Insert disk and press ENTER to choose 'LOADER' Option. This program will then load automatically. CONTROLS (Spectrum and Amstrad) This is a one or two player game which is controlled by Joystick and keyboard which is fully redefinable. Preset Keys Player 1 Player 2 Q UP 0 UP A DOWN L DOWN W LEFT U LEFT E RIGHT I RIGHT Z FIRE M FIRE CBM 64/128 Joystick only. Please note that Commodore players use port two if a one player game is selected. The game may be paused during the match only as follows: COMMODORE F7 SPECTRUM AND AMSTRAD SPACEBAR BEFORE THE FIRST MATCH Choose either the one or two player game. Each player selects which country to represent. The draw takes place. (Each of these screens appears automatically upon exiting previous screen.) SCREEN ONE - one/two player. Move arrow left or right and press fire to select one player game or two player game. SCREEN TWO - select your country. Move cursor over the correct flag and press fire. SCREEN THREE-the draw. The computer randomly selects four teams for each of the six groups. Press fire to speed up the selection process. THE COMPETITION ROUND ONE The four teams in each group play each other once. The top team in each group and the two best second teams then progress to the quarter finals. If a match ends in a draw an extra period is played with the first team to score being declared the winner of the match. If no one scores in the extra period the game is tied. KNOCKOUT ROUNDS These are played on a straight-forward knockout basis with the winners progressing to the next round. If scores are equal at the end of the second half, the game goes into a sudden death play off which continues until someone scores. STARTING OFF The main menu, which you return to after each match, has an illustration for each of the four options. Position the cursor over the option you want and press fire to select. The joystick (computer options) (1) Music on/off (2) Length of match (2,4 or 8 minutes) per half (3) Define keyboard/joystick (Spectrum only) a. Define keys b. Kempston c. Cursor d. Sinclair 1 e. Sinclair 2 (4) Load and save The cup and notebook (results) Use joystick to scroll up and down through the results from the previous rounds. The football and boots (play match) The results of the other matches appear one by one until it is your turn to play. The computer shows who won the toss and the match starts. Any other results appear after your match after which you immediately return to the main menu. The pitch diagram (change formation) Move the cursor next to the formation you want and press fire. (The pitch diagram shows what each formation looks like.) THE MATCH For each country the panel shows: Name of country Statistics for player under control (i) Player number (ii) Sprint energy (iii) Kick power (iv) Kick angle HOW TO PLAY Player one controls the team in the Red strip (dark on the Spectrum) and Player two (or computer) controls the team in the Blue strip (light on the Spectrum). The game starts with the kick off. If you won the toss, or if it is your turn, one of your players makes a short pass to you and the game starts. The player under your control is indicated by a flashing arrow. (C64 only: player will be indicated by a flashing coloured strip). You move the player by pushing the joystick in the desired direction. To dribble, run your player into the ball. If kick power is low or zero the ball will be knocked a short way in front of the player in the direction in which he is moving. To kick the ball, hold the fire button down. Your power bar will begin to fill up; when the desired strength of kick has been reached, release the button. Now run the player into the ball, and the ball will be kicked in the direction your player is running with a speed and strength proportional to the level of power you have chosen. The small arrow under the kick power bar shows the angle at which you will kick the ball, i.e. chip or low ball. Press fire quickly to vary the angle. If the other team has possession of the ball, you can attempt a sliding tackle by holding the fire button down and pushing the joystick in the direction you want to slide. Free kicks, corner kicks and goal kicks are executed in a similar manner to normal kicks. The ball is placed in an appropriate position on the pitch, the control player starts from behind the ball and no other player is allowed to approach the ball until the kick has been taken. When a player knocks the ball over the sideline, the other team is awarded a throw-in. If it is your throw-in, one of your players will run to the correct position and prepare to take the throw. You select the direction of the throw with the joystick and choose your throw power in the same way you select kick power. Penalty kicks are awarded if a foul is committed against an opposing player in his own penalty box. The ball is then placed on the penalty spot and the other player takes a penalty. Unlike normal kicks, the power bar will now determine the angle of the kick. A low power level will result in a kick aimed directly at the goalkeeper, while a high power level will result in a kick aimed at the corner. When you move the joystick left or right the player then kicks the ball in that direction. Controlling the Goalkeeper. If your Goalie is visible and you do not have possession of the ball, when you hold the fire button down and push left or right the keeper dives in the selected direction. LOADING AND SAVING To save out to disk you will require a formatted blank disk. To save out to cassette you will require a blank tape. Move the cursor to select which game position you wish to load or save and press fire. Follow on screen instructions. HINTS AND TIPS When challenging for the ball always tackle from in front. If you touch the player before the ball you risk committing a foul. Play a passing game. If you keep one player on the ball for too long he will become tired and slow down. Keep passing the ball to help maintain the players' stamina at a high level. Play positional football. If you pass the ball in front of one of your team mates he can run and intercept the pass easily. Approach the goal from either side, as a straight attack is the easiest to save. Use a cross in front of the goal to confuse the keeper and make it easier to score. ADIDAD CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALL Its program code, graphic representation and artwork are the copyright of Ocean Software Limited and may not be reproduced, stored, hired or broadcast in any form whatsoever without the written permission of Ocean Software Limited. All rights reserved worldwide. THIS SOFTWARE PRODUCT HAS BEEN CAREFULLY DEVELOPED AND MANUFACTURED TO THE HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR LOADING. If for any reason you have difficulty in running the program you may contact the Ocean Helpline direct by telephoning 0626 332533. However if you believe that the product is defective, please return it direct to: Mr. Yates, Ocean Software Limited, 6 Central Street, Manchester M2 5NS. Our quality control department will test the product and supply an immediate replacement if we find a fault, if we cannot find a fault the product will be returned to you at no charge. Please note that this does affect your statutory rights. CREDITS Coding and Graphics by Smart Egg Software Music by Matthew Cannon Produced by D.C. Ward ©1990 Ocean Software Ltd.

ESRB Rating: Not Rated

Genre(s): Sports

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