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Platform: Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): Creative Reality

Publishers(s): Martech Games

ReleaseDate: 1988-01-04

Players: 1

Co-op: No

The Fury

The Power - The Glory - THE FURY Fasten your Saver-Being Harness for the Space Age Demolition Derby! Set on a looping track floating in Space, and curved for blistering speed and sensational thrills, THE FURY is no-nonsense, fast and addictive arcade action which sees you - as Earth's Champion - do battle with the reckless and cunning victors of all the known worlds. INTRODUCTION Fasten your Saver Being Harness for the Space Age Demolition Derby. Set on a looping track (called the RIM) floating in space and curved for blistering speed and sensational thrills, THE FURY is no nonsense, fast and addictive arcade action which sees you do battle with the reckless and cunning victors of all the known worlds. Your goal is simple — win, at all costs. INSTRUCTIONS INPUT SYSTEM The input system uses a free roaming cross hair or cursor which is moved over a menu by the use of the direction keys or joystick. If a selection is possible the word LOCKED will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the game panel. Press FIRE to select this option. Default Keys Q = LEFT W = RIGHT I = UP J = DOWN O = FIRE Menu pages may be EXITED either by: 1. Selecting a locked option. 2. Moving the cross hair to the bottom left hand corner of the game panel and pressing FIRE. 3. Selecting the arrow icons to flip back and forth through pages of information. MAIN MENU 1. Start a new game. You have just entered your first race. 2. Enter new name. Type your name then ENTER or RETURN. The delete key may be used as normal. OPTIONS MENU Select joystick or keyboard. The Race track can be selected either as: LOCKED — does not move up or down during a race. FLOATING — moves up and down with your car. GAME MENU This also provides vital information about the state of play and the next race, including: RACE TYPE (see THE RACES) YOUR BOUNTY — the price on your head which gives you an indication of your STATUS and is also used to determine your GRID POSITION. RACERS DESTROYED - a running total of how many of your opponents you have killed. RACE DATA — what you have to achieve to progress to the next race. e.g. RUN FOUR LAPS IN 300 IS (IS = the Intergalactic Second) MONEY — (shown in top right hand corner of screen). How many Galactic Groats you have. The options are: RACE — places you on the grid for the next race in your current car. NEW CARS — used to purchase a new car. Each car is shown with its purchase price in Galactic Groats. To buy a car simply select it and providing you have the funds, the car will be yours. The cars vary enormously in price and performance. At the beginning of the game you own an AVENGER (see RACE CARS). EQUIPMENT - the items shown on this Menu are as follows: ESCAPE POD MISSILES LARGE FLAME THROWER MACHINE GUNS SMALL FLAME THROWER FUEL REPAIRS Next to each item is shown your current item status (either a quantity or the word FIXED, indicating you already have this item) together with the item's price per unit. To select an item LOCK the cursor control over it and press FIRE. The MONEY will be automaticaly deducted from your account. On some items this process may be repeated — to build up your missile status for example. NOTE: weapons are only available for KILLING RACES. This menu is not available at all without a car. RACERS — this allows you to look at the line up for the next race. It shows: Name: of the driver, starting with pole position and working down through the grid. Bounty: the price on that driver's head. Scan ID: the letter which is used to identify their car on the TRACK SCANNER. GAME CONTROLS move up Rim | accelerate <--------------------------*-----------------------------> brake | move down Rim (IMPORTANT - the level to which your car is able to move up the RIM is determined by your speed). FIRE - to operate RAIL GUN, MISSILES and FLAME THROWERS. See WEAPON SYSTEMS for more details. H — to PAUSE game. SPACE — toggles a tracking cross hair centred on your car. DRIVER (on foot) — if you find yourself on the track without a car (a very unfortunate occurrence), waggle the joystick (or keys) left and right as rapidly as possible (run like hell for the finishing line!!) THE FURY If you enter this extra dimension, known as The Fury, there is no advice we can give. Seek to understand. The Fury has enormous power. THE RACES 1. TIME RUN: a race against the clock. If you fail to finish or if you fail to beat the qualifying time you are out of the race. If you manage to destroy any opponents cars your bounty increases and theirs drops. The higher the price on their head, the more money you get. There is also prize money dependent upon where you finish in the race. 2. KILLING RACE: a race of mass destruction. Using any weapons you can afford you must destroy your RACE QUOTA of Noids to survive. Show no mercy! 3. TAG RACE: a car is randomly picked as "IT". To pass on the "IT" tag it has to touch another car, which then becomes "IT". The "IT" car will be tracked by a cross hair. Any car which is "IT" is constantly being damaged. If the "IT" car is destroyed or finishes the race, a new "IT" car will be chosen at random. RACE PANEL A = TRACK SCANNER — scans a short distance of the track ahead and behind you. Your car is shown as a cross. The opponents' cars are represented by the SCAN ID letter. B = POSITIONS — shows the positions of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place cars. Your car is a small cross. C = MULTI-PURPOSE INDICATOR — this panel shows you your: Time/Tag Race Killing Race 1. Position in race Noids killed 2. Speed Speed 3. Fuel Fuel 4. Laps to go (x 10) Ammo to go (rnds x 10) 5. Laps to go (x 1) Ammo to go (rnds x 1) 6. Time (in IS) Time (in IS) D = DAMAGE INDICATOR — a graphical representation of the damage inflicted upon your car. Each car has a shield damage matrix. When this is low, the box will turn red. SEEK AND DESTROY (SD) The judges take a dim view of any driver who is not driving in an exciting way (very bad for viewing figures). If they wish to, they can track the offending driver with the SD cross hair and destroy him. If this begins to happen to you, try to impress the judges. TRACK INDICATORS (on the Rim itself) Red — being tracked by SD Blue — Time out Pink — car is taking damage Green — one lap completed White — Time/Tag race over WEAPON SYSTEMS Sartain Ind Formed in 2011, Sartain were the main suppliers of small arms for all major land forces throughout Sol. When weapons became legal on the Rims, Sartain started the competitive market for Noid destruction. Sartain produce the highest quality equipment. Flame Throwers These come in two sizes, with 8 m and 20 m ranges, and are ideal for close combat with Noids. However, the fuel required for these weapons is taken directly from the car's supply and this can be very dangerous. Flames are fired by pressing and holding down the FIRE button. Semi-Guided Missiles Favoured by the majority of Racers, missiles are the most reliable, though expensive, form of attack. They have a single warhead, and are of the "fire and forget" type. One missile can easily take out four or five Noids in a group. Firing sequence: 1. Press and hold fire button to prime one or both missiles. 2. Position car behind target. 3. Press fire again to release missiles. 4. Missiles can be aimed by moving up or down upon firing. Rail Guns All Rim cars have Rail Guns fitted as standard, but cartridges (containing eight rounds) have to be purchased, normally in cases of five. The Guns are fired by rapid pressing of the FIRE button. Escape Pods Escape pods can be bought and fitted to most cars. The Intelligent Ejection System comes into play whenever the car runs out of fuel, or the shield drops. Unfortunately, as the firing mechanism remains in the car, the pods cannot be re-used. Some say this major design fault was purposely implemented by Sartain to ensure continued sales of the expensive pod. A BRIEF HISTORY THE MOON'S MOON 1996 This was the date of the first recorded Rim Race. The Rim, located in the Arizona desert, measuring 20 km in diameter and over 60 km in length took eight years to build. The race itself ran over two weeks with more than 1,000 drivers competing. The death toll was high, 438 lost their lives, and over 122 were injured. Participating cars had combustion petrol engines and were capable of speeds up to 200 km/h. In the final race of this inaugural year only three drivers remained; Seya Alkli, Jardinore and Leal Lamier (the father of the now famous Reason Lamier). Leal's car exploded just three seconds into the race. The remaining 12 laps were closely fought, but Seya eventually triumphed, winning by 0.39 seconds. So ended the first Rim Race year. 2001 Rim racing became big business. Rims sprung up all over Raal, known then as "Earth", with races financed by "Network", the leading television station — leading to almost non-stop TV coverage. Their publicity even overshadowed the discovery of the year — a black rock found on the Moon. Dr Logon (Mr Network), when questioned on Rim Racing, said "Well, it keeps the population down". 2005 The first inertial power cars appeared. Using a liquid nitrogen-based fuel, the cars were able to reach speeds in excess of 320 km/h. Unfortunately, the fuel was found to be highly unstable and even the slightest bump could cause the car to explode. 2006 Due to the new engine, longer Rims were required. The multi-billionaire, Dr Logon, commissioned a new Rim to be built in orbit around Raal's moon. 2009 The moon's Rim was completed, measuring 100 km in diameter and over 300 km in length. The first race was scheduled for 2010. Network was the station which bid successfully to screen the Race of the Century. 2010 At the start of the new year the Race is begun. 53 Racers die in the first leg of the run. These deaths were blamed on the new fuel type. The Race continued for the rest of the year, and was won by one of the Logon's many drivers, Catthrine Bach. It was also rumoured that the black rock had appeared again, this time in orbit around Solis (Jupiter). However, everyone was too involved in the Race to notice, and it disappeared without trace. 2012 Races are held and shown regularly, but interest drops to an all time low. 2018 As the public increasingly lost interest in Rim Racing a very strange thing happened. During a routine race on the moon's Rim, now known as The Moon's Moon, a Racer held his car very close to the top of the Rim. He was lying in last place, pushing his car to the limit, when his car suddenly split into millions of tiny slices and shot off the track. Five other Rimmers crashed whilst watching this spectacle. It was later discovered that the driver in question was Viktor Anome — he was never seen again. As a direct result of this strange incident, Rim Racing once again leapt to the top of the popularity polls. 2019 To ensure that Rim Racing remained popular, and went into the history books, Logon put forward plans for an artificial planet to be built in orbit around Jupiter, called Devs. This planet, in turn, would have 12 massive Rims around it, and in its entirety, known as "The Dream Scope" was set to become the Tenth Wonder of the Universe. 2027 Devs was completed and in the following years the 12 Rims of Devs became the greatest attraction in Sol. 2035 Due to Devs, Rim Racing was now assured of its place in history. Not an hour passed without a Run being held on one of Devs' many Rims — and all could be watched through the Network, making Logon the richest person ever. 2040 For the first time, Rim Racing rules were changed. As the Racers were getting better and better, there were less horrific crashes, so a special race was introduced where Racers raced individually against the clock. Their aim — to destroy a predetermined number of droid controlled cars. The difference — Racers were allowed to equip their cars with any weapons they could afford and fit. 2041 The Network soon found that destroying droids was dropping in popularity with the Public. So droids were replaced with new drivers, all keen to become Rim Racers. If they survived one killing Race, they became Real Racers. These cannon fodder became known as NOIDS — the very lowest form of life. 2045 Since Viktor Anome, hundreds of drivers inexplicably disappeared from the track. On 18 June, 2045, Reason Lamier the undisputed leader of Rim Racing, gunned his car up the Rim and the next second had gone. 80 billion people held their breath — but eight seconds later Reason's car reappeared — 430 km from where he had vanished. He won the race with a very comfortable lead. Reason staggered out, and with the whole of Sol watching he, uttered those now immortal words "It's The Fury". Five days later, Reason regained consciousness, and although he still races, he remains mute. Nowadays, Racers repeatedly hit The Fury whilst racing, but none ever reveal what lies behind that barrier. RACE CARS Rim Racing is much easier if you choose a car within your price range. The following gives vital data on the cars available: THE AVENGER - 2030-2048 Price - 450 g Top Speed — 240 km/h Acceleration — poor Braking — very poor Weapon Capacity — 2 Shields — very low Fuel Consumption — very poor Built by Millard, the Avenger is the cheapest Rim car. Production commenced in the late 2030's and it proved hugely popular as it allowed a cheap introduction to Racing. It should be noted, however, that after the Avenger's appearance, the Rim death toll increased by 40%. Due to its old chassis design the Avenger is unable to store missiles. HUNTER - 2040-2078 Price - 650 g Top Speed - 300 km/h Acceleration - poor Braking - poor Weapon Capacity - 6 Shields — poor Fuel Consumption — very poor Another Millard car, built to supercede the Avenger, but with only slight improvements. This car was not very successful due to its poor manoeuvrability and its small engine. RE-AVENGER - 2045 Price - 725 g Top Speed - 300 km/h Acceleration — average Brakes - average Weapon Capacity - 10 Shields — very poor Fuel Consumption — poor This is the Mark II version of the very popular Avenger. Its top speed was increased to 300 km/h, acceleration and braking were improved, causing an increase in price. Its main disadvantage is that it has the same low-power shield generator as the original Avenger. HARLET - 2035-2056 Price - 800 g Top Speed — 320 km/h Acceleration — good Braking — average Weapon Capacity — 10 Shields — good Fuel Consumption — extremely poor Nueva's first attempt at a Rim car, the Harlet was one of the first cars with a high power shield matrix. Unfortunately, its uneconomical fuel consumption let it down badly. Many Racers have been scraped from the Rim after driving a Harlet with flame throwers. HURLANT - 2050 Price - 1850 g Top Speed — 340 km/h Acceleration — very good Braking — good Weapon Capacity — 12 Shields — good Fuel Consumption — extremely poor The second and final attempt by Nueva. Their designers concentrated specifically on the engine, and as a result, Roche filed a Lawsuit against them, claiming that the engine was a copy of their very popular GZ-4000. Roche lost the case, and the Hurlant became very popular, lacking only in good fuel consumption. WASTER - 2040-2049 Price - 1000 g Top Speed - 240 km/h Acceleration - very poor Braking — very poor Weapon Capacity — 50 Shields — very good Fuel Consumption — very good This was the first car built purely for Noid destruction. Constructed by Sandor, it had a large weapon capability, very low fuel consumption (enabling good usage of flame throwers) but the Waster was a very heavy car and not very fast. ROCHE - 2055 In the year 2055 the massive Roche Corporation, renowned for its manufacture of high speed star flyers, produced three cars: Roche 1000 — 3500 g Roche 1250 — 5600 g Roche 1300 - 8350 g Although they were all good cars, the Racers felt Roche could have done better. THE ANOME - 2070-2071 Price - 14,000 g Top Speed — 450 km/h Acceleration — very good Braking — very good Weapon Capacity — 30 Shields — very good Fuel Consumption — very good Produced by Roche, and named after the first driver lost in The Fury, the Anome was a limited edition and very expensive. Martech is the registered trade mark of Martech Games Limited, Martech House, Bay Terrace, Pevensey Bay, East Sussex BN24 6EE © Software Communications Ltd. 1988 All rights reserved. Made in England.

ESRB Rating: Not Rated

Genre(s): Action | Racing

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