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Platform: Nintendo Switch

Region: PAL

Publishers(s): Chucklefish Games

ReleaseDate: 2020-09-21

Players: 1

Co-op: No


Discover the Darkness... Escape the depths of an otherworldly labyrinth, in this cinematic puzzle-platformer. Explore a hauntingly beautiful pixel art world, with three playable characters, in one dark, interconnected story. A knight adventures into the depths of a deteriorating castle. A child uncovers the past of an eerie house. A wanderer searches for answers. Discover a crumbling, nightmarish landscape, slice through enemies, and spring deadly traps in order to escape the evil that awaits... • Venture through a hauntingly atmospheric pixel art world. • 3 main characters, each with their own unique gameplay styles. • Lure enemies into lethal traps, solve environmental puzzles and utilise your scythe, hookshot and pickaxe to avoid a gruesome end! • Discover a 3-5 hour emotional story, intended to be played in a single-sitting on a dark, stormy night. • Explore every nook and cranny to find secret passages and collectables. • Playable in 14 languages. • Each pixel is placed with love!

ESRB Rating: T - Teen

Genre(s): Adventure | Puzzle

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