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Platform: Sega Saturn

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): Imagineer

Publishers(s): Imagineer Co., Ltd.

ReleaseDate: 1996-06-14

Players: 1

Co-op: No

Hankou Shashin ~Shibarareta Shoujo-tachi no Mita Mono ha?~

Also know as: 犯行写真 縛られた少女たちの見たモノは? | Crime photo - What did the tied up girls see?

An idol group known as Otomegumi is staying at the western-style boarding house in a spa resort in Izu, Japan. You, as a professional photographer, came along with your team, which includes, your editor, and your young assistant, to make a photo album of the idol group. As you arrive at the boarding house you meet with Otomegumi and some other suspicious-looking characters on the premises. Due to a sudden storm, you decide to wait it out and use that opportunity to get to know everyone a little better. The next morning, you and the idol group went to hot springs for some photo sessions. The photos are going fine and things were about to wrap up when the distressing rumors about someone being dead back at the boarding house have reached you. You all pack your things and head back to the boarding house. There, you find the owners of the boarding house, Kyousuke Nakagawa and his wife Reiko Nakagawa, standing in front of a room of none other than Seiji Tashiro who was a troublemaker from the moment you met him. A closer inspection, you soon realize it's murder as he appears to have been stabbed with a knife. But who would have a reason to kill him? Suspects... motives... opportunities... anyone could be the killer, and to top it all, you cannot call the police as the phone line appears to be dead. With the killer among you, what was to be a nice relaxing vacation is turning into a murder mystery that is far from being over. The game plays like a straight visual novel consisting of text over the current background which is comprised of many photo stills to match the dialogue and emotion of the scene in question. Occasionally the player is presented with dialogue choices that may affect the current situation but there is no real branching in the main story, just different reactions by the people addressing you. Voice-acting is almost non-present and appears only in key dialogues between the player and the idols, and usually for no more than a single short sentence. In a photo session, the player can take a limited number of photos but does not control camera movement, instead, the camera moves up and down once and the player has the chance to take a photo or keep the movie to use on the next pose.

Trailer: YouTube

ESRB Rating: AO - Adult Only 18+

Genre(s): Adventure

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