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Platform: Mac OS

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): Grant Ojanen's Creations

Publishers(s): Grant Ojanen's Creations

ReleaseDate: 2020-12-22

Players: 1

Co-op: No

Roscoe the Scruff Ball

Roscoe is a scruffy dog that is on a quest to take naps on comfy couches. He journeys around the world in search for the comfiest couches. No hazards, puzzles, or mazes are going to stop him. Features: • Exploration, Puzzles, Hazards, and Mazes • 50 Levels in 7 Worlds • Side Collectables, Random Facts, Time Trophies, and Challenges. • 4 Save Files • Export/Import your Save Files on Android

Trailer: YouTube

ESRB Rating: Not Rated

Genre(s): Action | Adventure | Platform

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