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Platform: Amiga

ReleaseDate: 1990-01-01

Players: 2

Co-op: Yes

Future Classics Collection

Five exciting games in one action-packed collection! Diskman. Computer viruses, magnets and bombshells challenge you at every turn! Can you back-up your disks before all is lost? Blockalanche. The ultimate test of nerves and skill. One false more and your hopes for winning shatter like glass. Lost 'N Maze. Towering, impenetrable walls, a wealth of treasures and obstacles- but it only looks impossible. Diet Riot. A nightmare of gargantuan proportions- Can you skinny your way through tempting treats and monstrous morsels? Tankbattle. A classic battle of blitz- steer clear of blasts, keep missiles in stock, avoid obstacles, and capture the enemy's coat of arms! With some games, Live Studio's exciting Three Ways To Play allows owners to enjoy full screen play for a single contender; an innovative split-screen method when using dual joysticks for simultaneous head-to-head competition; or with split-screen again, the chance to go one-on-one against a dynamic computer personality!

ESRB Rating: E - Everyone

Genre(s): Puzzle |

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