front cover

Platform: Amiga

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): Digital Image Design Ltd.

Publishers(s): Ocean Software Ltd.

ReleaseDate: 1989-01-01

Players: 2

Co-op: No

F29 Retaliator

The graphics were detailed by the standards of the period, featuring cities, bridges, roads, islands, mountains and moving vehicles. The cockpit of either the F-22 or the X-29A has three multi-function displays available to set up in a number of configurations. The fantastic "future" weapons to choose from include a fighter-carried Tomahawk cruise missile, rearward-firing AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles and a gigantic cluster bomb. The game includes four war scenarios (Arizona desert test and training sites, Pacific conflict, Middle East conflict and the World War III in Europe) each with several missions, with the total number of those adding up to 99. The last mission of the game can be any of three, and completion of each one leads to different game endings.

Genre(s): Flight Simulator

Other Graphic(s)

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