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Platform: Nintendo Game Boy Color

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): Enterbrain

Publishers(s): Enterbrain, Inc.

ReleaseDate: 2001-07-27

Players: 1

Co-op: No

Shin Megami Tensei Trading Card: Card Summoner

Also know as: 真・女神転生トレーディングカード カードサマナー

An authentic card game full of "tutorials" where you can learn the rules according to the scenario so that even first-time players can enjoy it immediately while retaining the fun of the original card version "Shin Megami Tensei Trading Card". There are more than 480 types of cards, including devil cards and item cards! Many characters such as humans and demons fight against players by mastering their unique decks. A hot battle is developed by the biggest feature of card summoner, "Devil union". If you win the rookie competition in story mode, you will be able to use the communication cable to perform communication battles and card trades with the two rules of "Standard" and "Highlander".

ESRB Rating: Not Rated

Genre(s): Strategy | Board

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