front cover

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Region: PAL

Country: United States of America

Developer(s): Jackbox Games

Publishers(s): Jackbox Games

ReleaseDate: 2017-10-19

Players: 4

Co-op: No

The Jackbox Party Pack 4

The biggest and fourthiest addition to this storied party game franchise features not five but FIVE AND A HALF crowd-slaying games! 1) Fibbage 3 (2-8 players). Play all-new question types and the game mode Fibbage: Enough About You (3-8 players). Guess the weird facts about your friends. 2) Survive the Internet (3-8 players). Twist your friends’ “online” comments in hilarious ways. 3) Monster Seeking Monster (3-7 players). Message and date fellow monsters with special powers. 4) Bracketeering (3-16 players). Place smart bets on stupid arguments. 5) Civic Doodle (3-8 players). Compete to improve the town murals. Play using your phones, tablets or computers. No extra controllers needed!

Trailer: YouTube

ESRB Rating: T - Teen

Genre(s): Party

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