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Platform: Amiga

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): Micro-partner Software GmbH

Publishers(s): DigiTek Software

ReleaseDate: 1988-12-01

Players: 2

Co-op: No

Western Games

Western Games has six Wild West themed sport-style events. In Arm Wrestling you must pull the joystick back when the arm in the central display has entered a strong phase and press the button to prop the arm up then hope for the best. The Beershooting event requires you to shoot a 5 beer glass targets faster than your opponent, but this is not too easy if you get nervous.Player 1 moves the joystick to the right to draw their gun, while Player 2 must move theirs to the left. Once the gun is drawn, the crosshairs are used to line up the target. Press the joystick button to fire. A beating heart shows the degree of your nervousness in the display. Quid-spitting requires that you bite off the right amount of tobacco and chew it to just the right consistency before you determine what angle to spit it into the pot. This requires some fancy joystick handling. To lift your arm and bite off the quid, you must move the joystick forward.To chew, you must move the joystick fast to the left and right. Don't chew it too long or too short. To stop chewing, you must move the joystick forward. Once that is done you must pull the stick back to determine the strength. Click and hold the joystick button to determine the right angle. Press the joystick button to spit. Timing is the key. The Milking event has a rhythmically heaving udder indicating the beat that you must move the joystick. To fill the cans, the joystick must be moved in a predetermined pattern, but it must be moved rythmically with the udder. You can elbow your opponent to get the upper hand by moving your joystick to the right and pressing the joystick button. Dancing requires a complicated routine of joystick movements to do certain dance moves while keeping the beat. Lose the beat and the other guys bash the piano player on the head causing him to stop playing. You must buy the piano player another beer to have him resume playing. The Eating competition is the final event. Dip the spoon into the stew. Balance the spoon. Slurp. Chew. Swallow. and drink. Simple? No. If you get some out of order, you get delayed by belching. Dip the spoon by moving the joystick back. Balance the spoon by moving the joystick to the left and right.; Once leveled, slurp. Chew by again moving the joystick to the right and left. To swallow, pull the joystick back and press the joystick button. Finish it off with a drink before you dip the spoon in again, by moving the joystick forward.

Genre(s): Action

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