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Platform: Amiga

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): Free Fall Associates

Publishers(s): Electronic Arts

ReleaseDate: 1986-12-04

Players: 2

Co-op: No

Archon II: Adept

Also know as: Archon 2

The sequel to Archon, Archon II: Adept features a more complex board and enhanced gameplay. Each side plays as an Adept - a powerful wizard with the ability to cast spells against other Adepts and his summonings - and must defeat the other side, either Chaos or Order, by attacking him/her with summoned Elementals or Demons. Each side can summon 4 unique elementals at a time or choose from 4 demons, common to both. Gameplay is similar to the original, reminiscent of a chess-like board game, requiring strategy, but with arcade elements, especially when two adepts confront each other face-to-face. The board also shifts from time to time, making the strategy less predictable.

Genre(s): Strategy

Other Graphic(s)

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