front cover

Platform: Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Publishers(s): A.E. Charlish

Co-op: No


WRITTEN BY A.E.CHARLISH WINNER OF HUNDREDS OF PRIZE COMPETITIONS SIDE 1 ------ Is designed for newcomers to the Comping scene. It gives all the information required to start on an absorbing and very rewarding hobby. SIDE 2 ------ This is a useful utility for the beginner and experienced Comper alike. Once the program is loaded, press ENTER to obtain the menu. Select the required category by entering the appropriate number and a list of TIE BREAKERS will be displayed relating to the selected category. Please note that these lines should not be copied exactly, but used as an inspiration, they can help to produce winning lines time and time again. WINACOMP A.E.CHARLISH 63, HONITON ROAD, COVENTRY.

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