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Platform: Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): Macmillan Software Ltd

Publishers(s): Macmillan Ltd.

ReleaseDate: 1985-08-06

Co-op: No


Macmillan Software When the software has loaded, type in the password MAGIC and then press the ENTER key to go on. The password prevents unauthorised access to the secrets of your tricks! Next type in your name. The curtains now open and the magic is waiting for you. You have three options: TRICKS, SEQUENCE and SHOW. TRICKS explains the secrets of the tricks; SEQUENCE allows you to select the tricks you wish to feature in your show; SHOW is for your live presentation! Now look at TRICKS. Choose from the names of the tricks scrolling up in front of you. For each trick, you have three options: THE MAGIC MAGICIAN'S TIPS REHEARSAL It's best to go through each of these in this order, first to see how the trick works, then to see how to present it as part of a show, and finally to practise until you are perfect! When you have rehearsed a number of tricks you will be ready to choose the tricks for your show. Select SHOW and these options will appear: SEQUENCE A SHOW REVIEW A SHOW Use SEQUENCE to choose the tricks and accompanying tunes for your show; REVIEW to remind you of the order in which you have chosen them. To add variety to your show, you can present tricks from the book [the accompanying booklet includes a number of tricks] (or elsewhere) in between computer tricks. Just leave the computer running - the curtains close after each trick, and open again to start a new trick only when you press a key. Press CAPS SHIFT and A simultaneously to return to the main selection screen at any time. Press O to switch the sound off or on.

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