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Platform: Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): DK'Tronics Ltd

Publishers(s): dk’tronics

ReleaseDate: 1985-10-22

Co-op: No

Benny Hills Madcap Chase

Benny has kindly volunteered to help his neighbours. His first task is to bring in the washing for Mrs Harras, who has gone out shopping. You will find Benny in front of the laundry basket. Get Benny to fill it with all the items to be found on the washing line. Unfortunately, it's quite a distance between you and the line and there are numerous pieces of "street furniture" and other items dotted about which must be avoided if you want to get the job done quickly. The Local Council can't make up its mind where to site lamp posts and other small items so these may be MOVED from time to time. To make matters worse, your good deed will be misunderstood by any members of the public who spot you taking the washing or running along the street with it. They will chase after you and if you're caught, you will be DEALT WITH, and the item you're carrying will be PUT BACK! They will continue to harrass you from then on. A "WATCH OUT" sign lets you know if a chaser is coming your way. All the clothes have to be collected in the given time. You can only carry one item. If you get all the washing in on time, you then go on to the second little job, which is to pick apples for Mr Bramley, who is away on holiday. The third and last task is to pick up items of jumble bought by Mrs Bargin. SCORING Score 20 for every item delivered to the box or basket. Lose some points for every time you're caught or bump into things. At the end of each task the time left over is added to the current score as a bonus.

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