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Platform: Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Region: Region Not Set

Publishers(s): Bellflower Software

ReleaseDate: 1984-04-09

Co-op: No

Stuart Henry's POP QUIZ

Stuart Henry has long been one of Britain's best-known disc jockeys. Born in Edinburgh in 1942, he first hit the airwaves in the mid-60s broadcasting from the Radio Scotland pirate ship. When the BBC launched Radio 1 in 1967 they chose Stuart as part of their team of DJs. His Saturday morning show became one of the most popular on the station and Stuart stayed with Radio 1 for eight years. In 1976 he joined Radio Luxembourg, and not long after, he discovered he had Multiple Sclerosis. The disease rapidly affected Stuart's mobility and he now gets about with the help of a wheelchair and the seemingly boundless energy of his wife, 0llie — who is now also his copresenter at Radio Luxembourg. Stuart and 0llie live in Luxembourg andtogetherthey broadcast their Saturday Show to Britain from 7pm to 9pm each weekend, and the Top 40 every Sunday night at 9pm on 208 metres medium wave. When loading is finished, select one or two player Option and type in the name(s) of the player(s) — you're now ready to play Stuart Henry's Pop Quiz. First, listen for the Mystery Tune — the computer makes up a different one for each round of every game — and try your best to remember how it goes. Then answer the first question, which will now be on the screen below the scoreboard, along with the name of the player whose question it is. Answers will be accepted in any combination of capital or lower case letters, but you should take care not to make any spelling mistakes, or miss out any necessary spaces between words, or forget punctuation marks — like the apostrophe in Gilbert O'Sullivan. If you make a slip, the DELETE key (CAPS SHIFT and 0) can be used as normal. If the word "and" is part of the answer, it is always written out in full, never as just a symbol, and the word "the" does not need to be put in if it cornes at the beginning of a song title or group name. When you've typed in your answer, press ENTER to find out whether you were right or wrong. If you were correct, you score 10 points and get a chance to choose a note which you think is in the mystery tune. If you guess right, you score another 10 points for each time that note appears in the tune, and the note will be printed in its correct place on the musical stave on the scoreboard. If you guessed a note that wasn't in the tune, your bonus will drop by 10 points, which is also what happens if you answer a question wrongly. Completing the mystery tune ends the round and the player who guessed the last note correctly gets whatever is left of his bonus added to his score before the quiz moves on to the next round. There are completely different sets of questions in each of the six rounds. They are chosen at random, so no two games will ever be alike — and even if you know the answers to all 756 questions, you've still got a brand new mystery tune to guess in every round you play. If you get a question wrong, you have the Option of seeing the correct answer before continuing — but remember there's always a chance that your Opponent might get the same question some other time! The questions get harder and the mystery tunes longer as the quiz goes on — and if your bonus score drops to zero, you're out of the game, so careful with those guesses as you test your pop music knowledge against Stuart Henry and your computer. This program and its graphics are copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of Bellflower Software.

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