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front cover

Platform: Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Publishers(s): Richard Shepherd Software

ReleaseDate: 1984-10-16

Co-op: No


The program closely follows the plan of Dante's Inferno, which depicts the 13th Century concept of Hell. In your quest there are nine circles through which you must pass to reach the centre and escape To explore "The Inferno" use North, South, East, West, Up or Down (use N for North, E for East, etc.). To take an object use T, to leave it behind enter DROP. To see what you are carrying enter I for Inventory or LIST. You can also ask Virgil for his LIST (or Inventory) by entering VIRGIL LIST. Graphics may be switched off by entering GRAPHICS OFF; to reinstate them enter GRAPHICS ON. The program will wait for 'ENTER' to be pressed after a picture is drawn. (See bottom right-hand corner of screen. HINTS: HELP will give you clues. Try examining things. Don't be too violent - most characters are stronger than you. The Inferno will accept up to 80 characters of command information. To enter a command press 'ENTER'. You can use AND, THEN or + to link commands together. Delete works as usual. CAPS 1 (EDIT) will delete the whole line. Watch the lower window for prompts. The Inferno has a large vocabulary including: NORTH (N), SOUTH (S), EAST (E), WEST (W), UP (U), DOWN (D), INVENTORY/LIST (I), HELP, SCORE, QUIT, GRAPHICS ON, GRAPHICS OFF, EXAMINE (EXA), COPY, WAIT/REST, TAKE (T), DROP, GIVE, LOOK (L), IN/ENTER, OUT/LEAVE/EXIT, OPEN, CLOSE, UNLOCK, LOCK, BREAK, CLIMB, JUMP, MOVE/PUSH, WEAR/PUT ON, TAKE OFF /REMOVE, LIGHT, PUT OUT, BITE, EAT, DRINK, KILL/FIGHT/ATTACK. The items in brackets show abbreviations you can use.

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