front cover

Platform: Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Developer(s): Jon Smith

Publishers(s): Automata UK

ReleaseDate: 1984-02-21

Co-op: No


Shipwrecked and stranded on a remote island, with nothing but an empty stomach, a bottle of granny's patent elixyr, the shorts he stands up in, and thou! Thine aim is to return CRUSOE home again, preferably in one piece and better off than when he arrived. To move CRUSOE, ENTER N(orth), S(outh), E(ast) or W(est), and he will step in the required direction if he can. By holding down the ENTER key, he will keep on going until he encounters a problem. Before taking to water and swimming, ENTER 1 (blue key), and likewise ENTER 2 (red key) to get him walking again. As he reaches the edge of the screen, the landscape will change automatically. USEFUL PHRASES ON DRY LAND ENTER ENTER "What have I got?" I (cap.i) "Copy screen to printer" CCC "Will I survive?" SCORE "Save game to tape" KKK "Describe" D "Load saved game" LLL "I giveth up" QQQ USEFUL WORDS - Pick, eat, drink, drop, find, wear, remove, insert, extract, enter, explore, leave, examine, read, and several hundred more which ye may discover if ye survive long enough. SCREEN DISPLAY - Of current day of game, day of week, time of day, wind strength and direction, weather, food, drink, vigour, supply of elixyr and the number of items carried. The level of vigour is determined by food, drink and the weight of the items carried, and decreases with movement. If it falls low (on a scale of A to Z), CRUSOE falls ill. HINTS - Reading the following hints will help ye, but will also spoil the challenge and enjoyment of discovering them for yourself. Only resort to them if ye be desperate! - The island was previously inhabited by William Bones (no relation to Bilbo), whose remains and treasure are still there, together with sundry papers, memoranda and letter ... coded of course. - Crusoe may TAKE items he discovers, DROP them elsewhere and FIND them in the same spot later. Unless he constructs a bag, he can only transport nine items at a time. - Finds include various foods, a parasol, a violin, doorknob, hammer, nails, spade, a dead bird, a farthing, a bell, map, charts, bones, buildings, carved stones, gold ring, and Man Friday is around some- where with a message. - Magenta trees bear fruit. Boots may cross thorny ground. Hygiene prevents foot rot. Be careful with spiders, jellyfish, certain fungi, and night-time escalation. Paper has a habit of disintegrating. Don't talk in the water. Pneumonia and tightropes have something in common. Sleep is a luxury. May good fortune smile on ye.

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