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Platform: Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Region: Region Not Set

Publishers(s): Puffin Books Ltd.

ReleaseDate: 1983-09-11

Co-op: No

The Korth Trilogy 1 : Escape from Arkaron

•The Korth Trilogy 1 : Escape from Arkaron Test run : Side 1, game 1. In this game the player must guide a space ship through an asteroid field and dock with a space station. The space ship works on 'real' physics, i.e. the thrusters are fired to achieve a velocity and that velocity remains until the reverse thrusters are used to slow down. Docking is achieved when all distance to the station in all three axes has been reduced to zero. •Prisoner : Side 1, game 2. Here the player must explore a fortress and release the captives. Initially the top down game screen is completely black, corridors are revealed as the player moves into them. There are guards in some corridors and these must be dealt with. •Raid : Side 2, game 1. The player must guide three freedom fighters, Xenia, Griff and Arkon on a raid where the objective is to do as much damage as possible and leave. The game screen is a 16 x 16 square grid populated by a perimeter fence, buildings to be destroyed and guards. The player gives orders to each character in turn, move up, fire left etc. These are then executed by the game which also moves the guards. orders can be issued singly or up to six orders can be given in advance. At the end of each mini game the player is offered the chance to replay. There is no automatic progression between the games, after each the Spectrum must be reset and the next game loaded

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