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Platform: Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Region: Region Not Set

Publishers(s): Mikro-Gen

ReleaseDate: 1983-09-06

Co-op: No

Panic - MikroGen

Super graphics and character animation are part of this highly addictive games' attraction. Trapped deep underground, with your oxygen slowly running out, you find yourself confronted by a horde of alien beings that have set up an underground headquarters, as you stumble into the bright lights of the base, the aliens are alerted. Your only hope is to trap the aliens by digging holes at different levels for them to fall into and then battering them to death. If however they manage to survive your attack they will change colour and become more powerful, you will then have to climb higher into the structure of the alien alien base in order to dig two holes directly underneath one another to kill them. If you fail again they change colour once more and can only be killed by digging three holes directly underneath one another, or perhaps now is the time to PANIC! OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Q Up Z Down 8 Left 0 Right Q To Dig a Hole Z To Batter an Alien BONUS at end of page.

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