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front cover

Platform: Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Publishers(s): Richard Shepherd Software

ReleaseDate: 1984-09-11

Players: 1

Co-op: No

Urban Upstart

Scarthorpe is the sort of town where even the dogs carry flick knives! Where there's a only one road in, and that's a one-way street! The sort of town where rebuilding means a new coat of paint, and where people queue up to queue up for a job! Not many people come to Scarthorpe, and even fewer leave. The church bells chime three in the morning...the streets are is your chance to Escape from Scarthorpe! To help you on your quest, this program shows a graphics representation of every location you enter. GOOD LUCK! CONTROLS To explore Scarthorpe, you will need to move from location to location by entering North, South, East or West. You need only use the first letter, ie, N for North. Follow all instructions by pressing Enter. To give commands, use simplified English. The program has a large vocabulary including UP, DOWN, ENTER, LEAVE, IN, OUT, CROSS, EXAMINE, LOOK, EAT, DRINK and many others. It is also possible to string commands together, for example "TAKE DUNGAREES AND GO NORTH" or "KILL FAN AND TAKE TRAP". Remember to press Enter after each instruction. There are also a number of special functions designed to help you. For example "TAKE" or "T" will allow you to pick up a useful object and carry it with you. Enter "DROP" and you will leave the object behind. If you are unsure of which items you are carrying, enter "I" for an inventory. To see how well you are doing, enter "SCORE" to be given points out of 22. If your game is going badly, you can abandon it by entering "QUIT".

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