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Platform: Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Region: Region Not Set

Publishers(s): Argus Press Software Ltd.

ReleaseDate: 1987-04-06

Co-op: No

Grange Hill

You really don't appear to have any choice - if it's: 1) your mum's verbals or 2) Grifiths, Imelda, a locked school and the horrors of the sewers then it has to be school! She still hasn't forgiven you for having your first walkman stolen. It wasn't your fault that some swine stole it from the staff room after it had been confiscated during a maths lesson. Now she asks to see it every night when you get home - you sometimes think that you could return home direct from the hospital with two broken legs and her first words would be - "Where's your cassette player ?" Does anyone understand parents ? The basic plan is to bet into the staff room and then steal the walkman back before going home to your mum. It's going to need a little planning though and you had better get some help too. Hollo is bound to help you - isn't he? Problem is that he's always complaining and might bottle out at any time. You'll just have to try to keep him happy. The rest of the difficulties you find will be minor compared to braving your Mum - it's all a matter of a little thought and brilliant flashes of inspiration. There's bound to be everything you need somewhere around the school - it's a right dump you know. You'd better get going - your mum is expecting you home and you can't return any later than midnight under any circumstances. GAMEPLAY Grange Hill - The Computer Game is an adventure game with a difference! Instead of entering the tedious GO NORTH, GO WEST type instructions you control Gonch by moving a joystick or pressing movement keys. This makes the game fast and fun to play but still gives you the puzzle and strategy elements that are present in most good adventures. Other commands common to adventures, such as EXAMINE, USE and PICK UP, can be selected from a drop down menu. This means that the only time you ever have to type commands is when you want to talk to another player or use an object in a particular way.

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