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Platform: Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Publishers(s): Micromega

ReleaseDate: 1984-10-09

Players: 1

Co-op: No

Full throttle

Full Throttle places you on the Saddle of a 500cc Grand Prix motorcycle. You can choose to race on any of ten of the world's top racing circuits. As a newcomer, you are startet at the back of the grid in a field of 40 bikes. You have the best bike in the race, but that alone will not help you! Cornering too quickly will cause a skid. Running off the road will slow you down badly, and if you make contact with another rider your machine will be forced to a halt - that's getting off lightly - and following riders will start to stream by as you get going again. The other riders can weave side-to-side as unpredictably as you, so watch out! You lean your machine over more as long as you keep the control pressed. Releasing it will slowly bring your machine back on straights. Pressing the opposite control will return you more quickly. Each circuit is faithfully reproduced, and part of the key to winning is to know the circuit well enough to predict the bends - the other riders can, after all. You can practice alone on any circuit for as long as you wish. The race itself can last up to 5 laps. The more laps you race the more time you have to catch the leaders, so increase the challene by reducing the number of laps you are allowed as you get to know a track better. Then try a new track ... watching it on TV will never be the same again! The best position achieved is shown at the bottom of the menu-screen. Coming first is not the end of it, since you are then given your time ahead of the second-place man so that you can try to better your performance. As soon as you change tracks or number of laps the record is reset. To start with we suggest that you try Silverstone as it is comparatively easy to learn (slow down for right-handers, take left-handers at full speed), give yourself some practice and try a short race. Then you are on your own ... good luck!

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