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Platform: Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Publishers(s): Richard Shepherd Software

ReleaseDate: 1983-02-06

Players: 1

Co-op: No

Everest Ascent

Your objective is to reach the top of Mount Everest but beware, there are many hazards and pitfalls! First you will be given £1000 to finance your expedition. With this you must hire sherpas and purchase equipment. Choose from the list of sherpas, paying particular attention to their daily rates and strength ratings. Press "enter" after each name, and "end" when you have completed your selection. You may choose as many sherpas as you wish, but make sure that you can afford their daily rates whilst on the mountain. Next choose your equipment from the list offered. Choose carefully, and within the limits of your purse, remembering that certain items have special uses, but it's up to you to find out what they are! You will then need to decide how many days' supplies to take initially. You may later decide to descend to the village to collect more supplies, but take enough for a few days. You will then be given details of your position. Your strength is a vital factor in this game, so remember that the more equipment and supplies you carry, the more sherpas you will need to maintain your strength. The game works in half day cycles. In the evening stars will appear to show you that it is time to camp for the night. At this point you are offered the chance to set up a base camp. Setting up a base camp allows you to accumulate supplies, equipment and sherpas on the mountainside, while returning to the village for more funds or equipment. Alternatively, you may carry on upwards, using the base camp as a store for items which you don't think you will need higher up! Sherpas left at base camps do not charge for their services, but they do still need feeding. Fortunately they only need half rations. If the food left at the base camp runs out the sherpas will return to the village. The disadvantage of leaving sherpas at base camps is that you cannot use their strength until you return to collect them. When you return to a previously established base camp you can pick up supplies, etc, left there, or you can drop off other items or sherpas. Do this before you camp for the night by pressing "i" for an Inventory. This will tell you what is already at this camp, and will give you a chance to make any changes as you think necessary. At any one time you may operate up to 3 base camps. When one is no longer needed you may cancel it and start another higher up. Everest Ascent is a game of strategy rather than chance, so you must experiment in using different tactics. Try various combinations of sherpas and equipment, vary the heights of base camps and watch your strength and supplies carefully. Remember you have only 20 days ... and that it can be done. Everest can be conquered!

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