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Platform: Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Region: Region Not Set

Publishers(s): Thor Computer Software

ReleaseDate: 1984-05-15

Co-op: No

Jack and the Beanstalk

JACK AND THE BEANSTALK Jack and his mother are poor. They own a cow Daisy which would give them milk, but now she is growing old and wear. So Jack's mother has decided to sell her, but because Jack's mother is ill, Jack will have to go. But on the way he sees a strange looking many who offers to by the cow. 'How much will you give for her?' asks Jack. 'I'll give you something more valuable than money. Here's a magic bag of beans, plant them in your garden and a miracle will appear,' says the man. 'What kind of miracle?' asks Jack. 'You will see a giant stalk stretching into the sky and at the top you will see a giants castle full of treasures for the taking.' 'I'll have em' snaps Jack. He grabs the beans and runs off home. Jacks mother was delighted when she was him returning home without Daisy, but when she realised what Jack had been paid with, she was furious. She flung the beans out of the window and sent Jack to bed with no support. All through the night strange things happened, and whe Jack woke up and looked out of his window he saw......

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