front cover

Platform: Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Region: Region Not Set

Publishers(s): Blaby Computer Games

ReleaseDate: 1984-02-01

Co-op: No


You're Ernie, an old lag who has just broken out of the nick. First obstacle to freedom is the searching guards outside the jail. There are five of them, their torch beams sweeping the various jail yards. Ernie must get safely past them and then through two jail gates that rise and fall very quickly. On this first screen you learn the cruel nature of Gotcha! - timing. It's crucial. The second screen shows you just how much too. A nightmare platform screen reminiscent of Manic Miner Willy's worst nightmare greets you. Seven levels with six green gates riding up and down the screen at a frightening pace, and all out of time with each other. On the platforms and other screens are all sorts of stashed goodies such as swag bags, safes, Hitachi stereos, cameras and the like.

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