front cover

Platform: Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Region: Region Not Set

Publishers(s): Silversoft

Co-op: No

Bored of the rings

Bored Of The Rings. Your quest is split into 3 parts, with a password gained at the completion of one part allowing entry to the next. Parts 1 & 2 are on side A, part 3 and "Sceptical" are on side B. All programs are loaded with the LOAD "" command and can be loaded by following the procedure detailed in chapter 20 of the Spectrum manual. The computer will accept commands in ordinary English such as "GET THE LONG SWORD PLEASE" but allows you to shorten this to a simple verb+noun instruction like "GET SWORD". The speech format is name+phrase, for example "GRANDALF HELLO THERE MATEY". Typing in "INVENTORY" or "I" will list what Fordo is carrying. Game positions can be stored and restored from tape using the commands "LOAD" and "SAVE". To end the game, simply type "QUIT". BORED OF THE RINGS was written by Fergus McNeill using among other things, The Quill and The Illustrator. The cover and the original artwork are by Johnathan Walker. See part 3 REM and "Sceptical" for the rest.

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