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Platform: Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Region: Region Not Set

Publishers(s): Artic Computing

Co-op: No

Mr Wongs Loopy Laundry

Mr Wongs LOOPY LAUNDRY Mr Wong is in trouble. Not only has he got to collect his laundry, but he is being chased by a 'possessed' iron, a sack of laundry and even the soap suds are joining in to stop him. The only person who can help him is you, and the only protection you hove is 'starch'. Firing starch stiffens and stuns the hunters temporarily, giving you time to get away. But use it sparingly. remember its only for emergencies. Mr Wong has to pick up the clothing one piece at a time, he has no washing basket so it's all too much to carry to the laundry chute. Each time be very careful and remember, don't get caught and don't waste the starch or it will be the end far Mr Wong and his laundry. When your starch supply has been exhausted after some time, a new bar appears which you must collect straight away before it vanishes. Q - moves Mr Wong Up A - moves Mr Wong Down O - moves Mr Wong Left P - moves Mr Wong Right Bottom Raw - Fire Starch Cursor and Sinclair Interface Keys may be used. Kempston Joystick may also be used. If you con help Mr Wong, you will get a good score. Good Clean Fun. GOOD LUCK!

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