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Platform: Mac OS

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): Davidson & Associates

Publishers(s): Viacom New Media

ReleaseDate: 1996-01-01

Players: 1

Co-op: No

Money Town

The fun way to teach kids the value of money. Fun and funds go hand in hand when you put your money where your mouth is- with Money Town, the joy-filled multimedia adventure that teaches your child all the basics about dollars and cents. As kids help Greenstreet's coolest characters earn money to reopen their town park, they'll click-and-discover a merry world full of animated money facts, figures, songs and surprises that will send them giggling all the way to the bank. Money Town is guaranteed to give your children a foundation in finances they and you will value forever. Inspired by the popular children's book "The Kid's Money Book" written by Neale Godfrey, Money Town features five engaging activities that will help your child learn: - Basic money math. - Coin recognition. - How to make change. - How to save and spend wisely. - Simple money management. - Fun money facts and history. Highlights: Funny, friendly characters take kids on a learn-and-earn adventure. Five engaging, interactive games combine learning and laughter. Loaded with dazzling animations, digitized speech and sound effects. Five original sing-along songs by acclaimed children's performer Dave Kinnoin. CD includes Neale Godfrey's "Video Tips for Parents," with advice from the best-selling author of Money Doesn't Grow On Trees. Learn coin recognition and making change at the Opportunity Knocking Emporium. Learn money facts and history at Penny's Quiz Show. Earn money as you help Ona Budget recycle. Learn coin identification and addition in Buck's field goal game.

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