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Platform: Atari 2600

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): Imagic

ReleaseDate: 1982-05-03

Co-op: No

Atlantis II

Many game companies in the 1980's held contests in an attempt to boost sales of their games and give their fans something fun to compete for. For example, there is Activision's Enduro: Race for Riches, Data Age's Bermuda Triangle Replica Artifact, and Parker Brothers' Super Cobra Flight Jacket. Not surprisingly, Imagic also held several contests, one of which is "Defend Atlantis". Unfortunately for Imagic, there were a lot of good Atlantis players. In fact, more than four individuals maxed out the score, so Imagic had to figure out a way to decide who the top four would be. They created a special contest version of Atlantis, that they called Atlantis II, that these top scorers would use for a tie-breaker. Atlantis II is basically the same as Atlantis, except that it's faster, harder, and lower scoring. Contestants were sent a letter telling them that they qualified for this shoot off. They were to recieve in the mail the Atlantis II cartridge, along with the snorkeling set and t-shirt. According to Imagic, "We've designed this contest version of Atlantis just for you experts. Those tricky Gorgons will still thwart you at every turn, but now the battle will be more fierce and the points scored for direct hits will be less. Are you expert enough to meet this challenge and save Atlantis from the dreaded Gorgon death ray? If you're brave enough, read on." Contestants were to play the game for only two days and then send in their high scores.

Genre(s): Adventure

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