front cover

Platform: Famicom Disk System

Region: Region Not Set

Publishers(s): Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.

ReleaseDate: 1991-02-22

Co-op: No

All One

The third game to be released as a coverdisk for the Japanese Famimaga magazine. All One is a block-pushing puzzle game in which every die must have their "one" side facing upwards. All One, or Famimaga Disk Vol. 3 All One, is a puzzle game in which the player controls a ladybug pushing over dice. The goal of each stage is to push all the dice onto their side so that their "one" side is facing upwards. The player is given a smaller first-person view window from the ladybug's perspective to allow them to see the sides of each die and plan out their strategy. As with other block-pushing puzzle games, the game becomes similar to Sokoban or Adventures of Lolo in its complexity as it progresses: there is often only a few (or just one) paths to successfully solving a stage and the player will need to restart if they make a mistake.

Genre(s): Puzzle

Other Graphic(s)

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