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Platform: Nintendo Wii

Region: Region Not Set

Publishers(s): Tecmo

ReleaseDate: 2009-08-31

Players: 1

Co-op: No

3-2-1, Rattle Battle!

Rattle to rack up points in crazy mini-games! Battle your friends to see who’s the best rattler! 3-2-1, Rattle Battle! is a party game packed with exciting mini-games. Intuitive controls mean that anyone can enjoy playing - just grab the Wii Remote and shake it to “rattle”. Great fun for single players, but the party really gets started when you register high scores on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to see how you measure up against players from around the globe! ?Mini-Games: Rattle In Time: Use split-second timing to rattle at exactly the right moment! Rattle Reflex: Test your powers of concentration! Rattle With Caution: Rattle to move forward when the bad guy's back is turned! Tight Rope Rattle: Rattle to move across the high wire while dodging the arrows! Rattle-a-Kiss: Gauge the correct rattle speed to give that shy guy a push so he flies in for a smooch. Rattle Blast: An intense duel where you need to get your rattling strength just right! *With a total of 12 mini-games, you and your friends are in for a rattling good time!

ESRB Rating: E - Everyone

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